Pearl Maker

This product was developed to be able to produce 10mm-diameter antibiotic-loaded acrylic cement (ALAC) beads uniformly and easily.


◆Produces 10mm-diameter ALAC beads uniformly and easily.

◆Eliminates non-uniform and time-consuming hand-made beads,thus shortening surgery time.

◆Can be used in the treatment of Pyogenic Osteomyelitis and/or Septic Arthritis.

Usage Reference

① Put the upper and lower parts of the Mold together. ② Hold the Mold firmly by using the Clamps. ③Inject soft ALAC into the mold through the 10mm-diamteter spherical hole with a cement gun.

④After finishing the injection of ALAC, immediately insert the 2mm-diameter Core Rod into the outlet hole . ⑤After the cement has hardened, remove the clamps from the Mold, and withdraw the Core Rod from the hole. ⑥String the beads on either thread or soft wire. (Cement beads hole 2㎜-deameter)

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