Spinal Frame

Features & Benefits

<Special models>
These seven professionally-designed models are all able to fulfill a wide variety of healthcare professional needs.  Each model is multi-purpose, enabling a variety of choices to best suit the task at hand.

<Great alleviation of abdominal pressure>
These products are specifically designed to reduce abdominal pressure. After consulting with a great many surgeons, we came up with three unique designs to simultaneously provide a wide opening for the abdomen and maintain proper support. These models offer better reduction of abdominal pressure to minimize bleeding during operations than any comparable standard tables on the market today.

<Clear images>
This product range uses radiolucent materials and offers wider space for the abdomen, providing great support and clear vision for taking X-rays during operations. The LT-1000 is fully radiolucent, allowing for use with 3D navigation systems.The LT-700 provides full clear vision of breast and lumbar regions. The LT-300 and the LT-1000 can be easily adapted with any appropriate Head Support for use in the cervical area.

<Superior dispersibility of body pressure>
The high-performance EXGEL® used in the mats provides superior dispersion of body pressure.

<Ideal positioning>
Moveable and adjustable Headrests and Pads, allow physicians to set patient position exactly how and where they want.

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