Radiolucent Spine Table

The Radiolucent Spine Table is a Spine Frame that can accommodate face-down or prone position procedures such as any posterior and lateral spinal surgery, posterior cervical surgery, thoracic and lumber laminoplasty, or lumber discectomy, among others.


◆Uses all radiolucent parts, making it possible to check each angle of the patient’s body.

◆Can be adapted to any 3D/CT machine or Surgical Navigation System.

◆Velcro makes it possible to set the Mats/Pads in the best possible position for any patient body types.

◆Set the ideal angle of the spine by adjusting the operating table and/or putting the cover cloth under the Spine Table.

◆Pads are a composite of High-functional Gel material  (EXGEL®) and highly pliable synthetic leather that makes best use of the EXGEL®.  This special pads  material offers superior dispersion of body pressure.

◆The use of Universal Clamps or ties (such as twine) make it easy to hold the Spine Table to the operating table.

Adjust the patient’s position by sliding the plate longitudinally. Set the ideal angle of the spine by putting the cover cloth under the Spine Table.

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