Spinal Frame LT700

Our LT-series Spinal Frames are the best models for clear and concise X-ray images by C-arm.
This model is appropriate for all spinal operation applications.

*LT700 is out of production.


A. Headrest

Using extensive facial data, we designed this ergonomic headrest to fit most patient’s profiles. Our pads and supports fit facial contours to give patients the utmost care and comfort.

B. Pad

Patterned, indented surface provides equalization of contact pressure. By rotating the support inwards, the patient’s body position is maintained with superior retention.

C. Cassette Space

Cassettes slide easily through the wide opening at the patient’s side.

D. Plate

Our Spinal Frame Plates have an excellent reputation for their superior radiolucence and resiliency. Tilting the Plate to adjust the angle of Kyphosis improves retention of body position.

E. Plastic Slide Bar

The Slide Bar is made out of radiolucent plastic material.

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